My Journey

How It All Started

I was born highly sensitive, my experiences as a child were extremely intense.  According to my mother, I was born crying just like any normal baby.  What wasn’t so normal, she said, is that I experienced long periods crying and that it became a common occurrence in my infancy.  Fulfilling my emotional needs was not only a necessity but also a great struggle as a highly sensitive child. 
My high sensitivity allowed me to feel energies around me.  I remember being five years old and able to attune to others’ energy.  By simply observing or standing next to someone, I would pull their aura’s energy and experience the person’s feeling.  I especially attracted energy from those experiencing sadness and other unpleasant emotions.  These experiences made me feel great compassion for them.  I have learned through my spiritual journey that I was born empathic as well.    
My sensitivity has also allowed me to feel the presence of spirit around me.  Back in my teen years, I felt a spirit physically touching me.  While consciously resting on my bed, I felt a strong presence beside me.  Next, this energy moved to the top of my body and embraced me, it felt quite heavy.  At first, I was paralyzed in fear, but something told me that if I relaxed and let my fear go, I would not be harmed.  Years later, the same spirit came around under the same circumstances making me go through the same experience. 
I never told anyone about my childhood experiences with energy or my later experiences with spirit, I just became accustomed to being different from other kids and to live in my own isolated world.

The First Flashes

The first signals about my spiritual gifts appeared to me in 2001.  They were completely unexpected but felt very appropriate.  I made spiritual contact with people who I barely knew.  In every instance, the images I received showed me the person being in great physical or emotional pain and in need for help.  My immediate reaction was to send them healing energy.  It became very clear to me that not only these people’s souls had reached out to get healing but also that I had been chosen to provide it.  Within the next few days I received confirmation about what had actually happened to them and how they had overcome their circumstances.  The message was very clear in that I was able to psychically read information about others and consciously attune to their energy in order to provide healing.  

Raising My Spiritual Awareness

After these experiences I decided to explore my own spirituality from a more conscious level.  I learned how to consciously tap into my spiritual resources which I eventually used to heal myself and others.  Yet I felt the needed to find a direct source of guidance.  I found out about our spirit guides, the nonphysical beings from the spiritual realms who accompany us before birth, during this lifetime and thereafter.  Our guides dwell around us, their unique mission is to assist us in living our life with ease, fulfillment and happiness.  I learned that spirit guides are always ready to make contact with anyone who is willing to make a request, listen and have a conversation with them.  I was ready!

Contacting My First Spirit Guide

After continuous preparation and practice, information from my first guide finally came through.  It happened in 2002 during conscious meditation, it was a message of love and compassion.  My first guide came through to raise my awareness about my life purpose, healing myself and others.  At that time Jason guided me in transforming my life in several ways.  One of his most important messages was about self-love.  Jason helped me to grow from scarcity and self-pity to living with abundance, acceptance and care for others.  Jason also guided me through my career path and helped me attract the souls that would open doors for me.  The main ingredients in my relationship with Jason are unconditional love and compassion for myself and others.   

My Mediumship

After building a relationship with Jason, other spirit guides came through.  Over time I met my healer and my teacher guides.  They appeared at the right time and under particular circumstances, always eager to help.  As I walked on my spiritual journey, my awareness about different types of energies continued rising.  I started to feel the energy coming from places, objects, events, people’s intentions, etc. and to develop my clairsentience.  
My ability to sense spirit other than my guides manifested a few days before my mother’s passing.  In order to prepare my mother in transitioning to the spirit world, I started to practice deep meditation with the intention to access the other side, always with my guides’ assistance.  At the same time, spirit started to manifest in my home, not necessarily in a friendly way.  For instance, while in my bedroom, I felt observed 24 hours a day.  I always felt a presence in this room following me everywhere.  There was a very unfriendly presence in the kitchen directly above the basement.  This spirit used to drain my energy and provoke fear and anger in me.  This spirit’s negative energy felt stronger in the basement.  In different occasions, I tried to approach it calmly and with love and compassion.  It let me know that it was a woman but did not share additional information with me.  I felt that she was rejecting me and that she didn’t want me in the house.  It was when this negative energy manifested physically by moving objects, disrupting electronics and pushing me that I decided to reach out for professional help.  I didn’t know any professional medium but my landlord’s fiancé knew about Lillian Suarez. 
Lillian came shortly after I spoke to my landlord, Lillian immediately recognized both energies dwelling in my home and helped them go through the light and into the spirit world.  Lillian explained that the reason these energies manifested was my presence in the house.  According to my landlord, these events had never occurred until I moved into the house.  Lillian also explained that my vibration had raised the vibration of the house and consequently disrupted the spirit’s dwelling space.  According to Lillian, it was my ability to go to the spirit world what attracted these energies to me. 
After this experience, it became clear to me the direction that my spiritual path would take.  My mother had passed a few days before Lillian came to the house.  My mother’s passing was very significant while dealing with the spirit’s intentions.  My mother was constantly around, protecting me every moment of the day and night.  A few months after these events, I became one of Lillian’s developing-medium students.  Through my mediumship study, communicating with mother and other spirits grew quite clear.  To this day, my mother stands by my side while I visit the spirit would to communicate with my clients’ love ones.